We’re on Vacation! (Well, sort of…)

I’m off on a fantastic voyage (no, not with Coolio) to my favorite place in the world, Siesta Key, FL. I’m really looking forward to it – not only am I escaping winter at its most boring and pointless juncture in favor of white sand and sunshine, but I have plenty of time to take a step back, relax, collect my thoughts and let them flow before I return next Friday.

I am promising myself that I’ll keep a reasonable distance from technology for the majority of the trip (my eyes and “text neck” will thank me), so any kind of breaking updates may be limited. Not to worry, though – next week’s Quinn Spinn and QSLehighValley are already recorded, and I have plenty of content already in the queue to give you a reason to come back every day. Not to mention, I may share a surprise treat or two with you along the way, if anything catches my eye.

And man, after getting all of that ready, I need a vacation. For now, I leave you with the aforementioned Coolio. See you soon!

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