QSLehighValley: Mar. 31, 2016

This week on QSLehighValley, sponsored by The Valley Ledger, we feature a can’t-miss conversation with Lauren Marsh, an independent singer-songwriter with a new EP called “Veracity.” Learn about Lauren’s Lehigh Valley ties, her music, and more!

Track listing:
REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become (Opening theme)
VoirVoir – There Are No Good Goodbyes
Lauren Marsh – Promise
Lauren Marsh – Never Let You Go
Avi Wisnia – Rabbit Hole
The Band of Rivals – Dust to Dust
Marc Ambrosia ft. Megan Knight – Love Like Rock and Roll
D.S. Bradford – Elemental Evolution

Review: Lauren Marsh – Veracity

Tune into tomorrow’s QSLehighValley, sponsored by The Valley Ledger, to hear Lauren Marsh talk about her music and more! It will go live on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Artist: Lauren Marsh
Album: Veracity (LISTEN)
Released: January 2016
Genre: Indie Pop

Lauren Marsh is the type of artist that can appeal to a wide range of audiences. Her new EP, “Veracity,” features pop sensibilities that range from contemporary synth pop, to other, more classic influences. The common thread that ties it all neatly together? Of course, it’s the singer’s smooth, signature vocals.

“Veracity” offers up Lauren Marsh’s versatility. For example, the synth organ of the EP’s atmospheric opener, “Promise,” helps make for an infectious, mid-tempo song meant to light up a summer night. Meanwhile, Lauren sounds just as convincing on a sweet, doo-wop infused ballad like “We Hit the Ground,” which would hold up in any jazz club.

Modern alternative fans should also enjoy, “Never Let You Go,” whose full sound and powerful, effective percussion is reminiscent of some of Florence + the Machine’s best.

“Veracity” is about finding the truth within one’s own world. It’s clear that Lauren Marsh nailed that theme lyrically and sonically, as these five tracks unlock exciting new truths about the artist and her sound.

Bonus Interview: Autoerotica at the Gin Mill & Grille

Our series of interviews from Friday night’s amazing night of rock continues with our chat with the guys from Autoerotica. The four-piece band absolutely melted faces at Northampton’s Gin Mill and Grille in support of KILLCODE.

In case you missed it, there are other opportunities to see Autoerotica in the next few weeks. Learn about them by checking out this exclusive interview on Lehigh Valley Underground.

PHOTOS: Handheld, VoirVoir and Sing, Bird of Prey at Warhouse Collective

Last week, we were introduced to Warhouse Collective, an incredible new DIY music venue created by five friends in an abandoned Phillipsburg warehouse. We spoke of the Collective’s impressive dedication to their music scene, and we predict that the venue will be a great indie music destination for years to come.

As it turns out, they put on a heck of a show, as they did when Handheld, VoirVoir and Sing, Bird of Prey made their first appearances at the upstart venue. We got some shots of the show for you to check out, as well.

The Fyre and Ice Show to Team With Musicians to ‘Imagine a World Without Bullying’


Tracie Lovett & Amy Danner

The Fyre and Ice Show to Team With Musicians to ‘Imagine a World Without Bullying’

Music video featuring rock remix of John Lennon’s “Imagine” to be taped this summer.

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa. – Mar. 29, 2016The Fyre and Ice Show, an internet radio show based in the Lehigh Valley and featuring independent artists worldwide, is teaming up this summer with Neue Regel Radio and musicians from around the world to Imagine a World Without Bullying.

The radio show will be revamping John Lennon’s world-renowned hit “Imagine” with a rocked-out remix that will feature additional verses geared toward the anti-bullying movement. The song will be accompanied by a music video featuring musicians from all corners of the globe, who will lend their voices to the project.

The video project is part of a larger movement by Neue Regel Radio to eliminate bullying as a major issue nationwide.

“We know so many amazing, talented and dedicated musicians that all have hearts of gold,” said Tracie Lovett and Amy Danner, co-hosts of The Fyre and Ice Show. “With their assistance, we will knock this movement out of the park in a huge, rock and roll way.”

The Fyre and Ice Show will provide musicians with a re-worked recording of “Imagine” for rehearsal purposes in advance of taping. Musicians from outside the Lehigh Valley are encouraged to record a verse using this official recording for inclusion into the project. Additionally, The Fyre and Ice Show will be collecting testimonials from musicians about the bullying they have experienced in their lives.

Taping dates and locations will be announced in the coming months. For updates, please visit The Fyre and Ice Show’s official website.

About The Fyre and Ice Show

Ninja (Tracie Lovett) and Pitbull (Amy Danner) are avid and committed supporters of the local music scene. They both decided to start The Fyre and Ice Show to give bands another outlet for their music to be heard. The Fyre and Ice Show is full of current events locally and abroad, interviews, rant sessions and, most importantly, your music! For more information, please visit http://fyreandiceshow.wix.com/fyreandiceshow.