Beyond the Valley: Liverpool’s Royzy Rothschild Spits Fire on “Eminem Effect”

One thing you can count on every Monday on The Quinn Spinn is great indie music, of any genre, from artists near and far. Sometimes, we opt to play international artists on our “worldwide” show.

We’ll do that tomorrow, guaranteed, when Royzy Rothschild makes his Quinn Spinn debut. Royzy sent us his new single, “Eminem Effect” featuring Kay Francis, this week. It’s a big-sounding track, and the kind of hip hop that always has a welcome home on Quinn Spinn programming. You can find it on tomorrow’s show, to be made available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and right here on Lehigh Valley Underground.

Can’t wait that long? We’ve included the official music video for “Eminem Effect” below. Just promise us that you’ll still check it out alongside all of the other great music on tomorrow’s show!

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