Alien Black Goes to the Archives for New Video

Alien Black has invaded with a new, original video for their progressive grind, “Into World,” using archived public domain footage to tell a story.

“For this one, it’s about the realization of being thrown into this world,” said Troy Heiland of Alien Black about the new song and its accompanying video. “Or, (about) the world being thrust upon us, yet we’re all primitive, just wanting to live; be real and raw.”

True to form for Alien Black, the band put this video out when the mood struck, as they do with most of what they create.

“We just get together to jam, write, and record, putting stuff out sporadically as it comes together, with no other purpose than to just share the music,” Heiland noted. “We gig rarely and have no delusions of grandeur. (We) just dig the chemistry and process.”

Check out the video for “Into World” below.

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