VIDEO: Candlebox’s Brian Quinn Performs “Far Behind” with Zed D’Lance Members

What a night of great music and talent from top to bottom at American Spirits Roadhouse (to go along with a bangin’ pulled pork sandwich).

Candlebox’s Brian Quinn headlined this incredible evening, with support from local artists Zed D’Lance, Paul Knakk, and the father-daughter team of Werner and Julia Sommer. We have a ton of photos and a full recap still to come — they just might take a little while to get online, in the interest of me getting to sleep before the sun rises and I have to go back to work.

What can I say? Lisa’s a maniac with a camera in her hands.

I won’t leave you hanging entirely this morning, though. To get you started, here’s an excerpt of the final song of the night, the Candlebox mega-hit “Far Behind,” with Quinn receiving support from members of Zed D’Lance who had stuck around for the entire night. Hopefully, you’ll think it’s as awesome as everyone at American Spirits Roadhouse did.

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