Whodunit? Sing, Bird of Prey’s Hazy Murder Mystery Video

If you’re a fan of gore and creepy visages of undead band members, Bethlehem’s¬†Sing, Bird of Prey has a video for you!

The video for “Painted Bones,” which appears on the band’s latest album, “Crystal Embryo” features the members of Sing, Bird of Prey slain in a field on a beautiful, presumably spring day, suggesting all the while that cassette tapes and vinyl records were among the killer’s weapons. Those frames alternate with scenes of the band’s¬†zombified likenesses singing along to the hazy melody of the psychedelic rocker.

Throughout the videos, skeletal clues of the band’s assailant are dropped before a slow, back-and-forth reveal helps us identify the culprit.

Check out the video below! (Warning: There’s a bit of blood, so it may be NSFW)


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