Leah Marie Fuls Arrives with ‘You’re Never Gone’

Artist: Leah Marie Fuls
Album: You’re Never Gone (LISTEN)
Released: Jan. 10, 2017
Genre: Pop/Rock/Folk/Country

Leah Marie Fuls’ opening statement, the five-track, 17-minute EP “You’re Never Gone,” is a brief but powerful one. It’s a record brimming with a new artist’s potential, and leaves a listener with a very good first impression.

Leah’s ability to perform across genres is evident on “You’re Never Gone.” The EP begins with “Let’s Hang On,” a strong introduction, with poppy guitars, a prominent bassline, and a distinctive, powerful country-leaning voice that grabs the listener immediately. Later, the pop sensibility gives way to a folksier, downtempo sound on the title track, but returns on the happy-sounding, lovey dovey “Looking Back at Me.”

After listening through the “You’re Never Gone” once or twice, it is clear why Leah is one of six nominees for Discover Lehigh Valley’s ‘Discover New Artist’ Award. You can vote for her, or any of the worthy nominees, at this link.

Track listing:
Let’s Hang On
Heartbreak Hangover
You’re Never Gone
Looking Back at Me
Wanting You Here

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