#LVURoadTrip: Day 3 of the Launch Music Conference

The conference portion of Launch Music Conference concluded Saturday afternoon, which meant it was time once again to hit the streets of Lancaster and check out the festival’s third and final night of performances.

There was an interesting variety to be had on Night 3. Early on, we ran into conscious, New York-based rapper Delo Reed on the York College Stage for a dose of hip hop. Hitting the same stage about an hour later was Jersey-based pop singer Carolyn Marie, who performed catchy new selections including her funky┬ánew single, “Wanna Be Cool.”

The fun continued as we ventured to Marion Court Room one more time. Amy Lynn & The Honey Men needed little more than a baritone sax and its frontwoman’s incredible voice to completely amaze the folks in attendance, while featured Launch: The Documentary artist Shenna┬áimpeccably delivered her soulful R&B sounds.

One more thing: we had an amazing time this weekend at Launch. A thinkpiece is coming on all of the lessons learned and ideas absorbed. For now, thank you and congratulations to the Launch Music Conference for putting on such a spectacular event, and a job well done to all of the performers we encountered over the past three days. Let’s stay in touch!

Now, for the photos:

Delo Reed (New York)

Carolyn Marie (New Jersey)

Amy Lynn & The Honey Men (New York)

Shenna (New York)

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