This Week on WLVU: Sept. 4-10, 2017

One thing you might notice if you’ve been listening to WLVU: The Sound of The Underground lately is that things are seeming a bit more organized. That’s because we’re taking all of our music and categorizing it by genre. So, on Tuesday evenings, you might hear a rock block. On Sunday afternoons, you’ll hear a solid couple hours of jazz. Expect more programming blocks like this to cater to specific tastes going forward. More information is to come.

If you tune in at the right times, you’ll also notice fine WLVU programs, like the ones outlined below!

This Week on WLVU

17522686_1793554200966323_4332771794529798942_nThe Balcony Show | Wednesday, September 6, 8 p.m. ET
Special guest: Ellwood James Band
Description: The Balcony Show is bringing you the amazing sounds and an interview with the Elwood James Band! Join us as Ronnie Shapiro Stoeckel shares Neil Grover‘s brand new song, “Whoa.” Also, hear music from The Freddy James BandPentley Holmes MusicCopper FieldsThe Do Good Badlies, and Ivory Tower Project!

601008_164305197077714_1561433902_nTape Swap Radio | Thurs., September 7, 8 p.m. ET
Special guest: Red Teeth
Description: Matt and Shamus premiere the live Shards Session from Lansing, Michigan heavy progressive punk duo, Red Teeth.

Listen to these fine radio programs alongside some of the best independent music out there, from here in the Lehigh Valley and beyond, by tuning into WLVU 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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