LVU Wants to Know the One Album You Can’t Live Without

I was catching up with LVU Contributor Lisa Robinson last night during a visit to Hardball Cider in Bethlehem. As you might expect from two people so involved in our local music scene, the conversation included the music that is important to us.

I acknowledged, as I often do to¬†anyone who will listen during this type of conversation, that Our Lady Peace’s 2009 album “Burn Burn” is the essential album in my life. At the time of and immediately following its release, I found a way to relate every single track to a particular moment or theme in my life. In fact, on the album’s sixth birthday, I even waxed poetic on that when The Quinn Spinn’s Tumblr blog was still actively a thing.

So, it got me thinking: any music fan’s collection has essential components. These are the albums and songs that continue to resonate, no matter how many times we hear them. They shape our tastes, our surroundings, and ourselves.

We feel like having some fun on this summer-like Saturday afternoon, and we’re curious as always to learn more about the people who frequent LVU. So, today we’d like to know the one album that remains a timeless part of your library and life.

Don’t just stop at telling us the title and artist, though. We want to know what your favorite album means to you. Why is it the one that stands out above all the others.

And, in case you want to check out “Burn Burn” in all of its simple brilliance, take a listen below.

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