The Crowning Stay Dynamic on ‘Hard to Find’

Artist: The Crowning
Song: Hard to Find
Released: Sept. 20, 2017
Genre: Rock

Stroudsburg’s The Crowning has released a follow-up single to their debut, “Stay” – and this time, they rock even harder while remaining true to their dynamic songwriting style.

New single “Hard to Find” starts off as a brooding number, with a slow, clean progression lending support to the lonesome vocals of frontman Micah Martin. From there, we progress into much heavier territory roughly around the two-and-a-half-minute mark, with tense percussion and screaming guitars leading into the song’s triumphant and anthemic second half.

This dynamic shift in tone is reflective of Martin’s lyrical content. The singer begins the song seemingly searching – almost desperate – to connect with the object of his affection. It seems, through a transition to heavy guitars and driving rhythms, that the protagonist has also become much more assertive in his desires, as evidenced by the repeated “I want your love” refrain.

“Hard to Find” is actually quite easy to find. Just listen below!

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