502 South Compilation Release Show


On November 5th, 502 South celebrated the release of “The Philly Rock Comp Vol. 4” at Kung Fu Necktie. The concert was one of the various shows 502 South organized to showcase the talented punk musicians they’d selected to exemplify the ideals of Philly punk. The concert featured sets from 502 South artists Faringwell, Welter and Readership.

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Seoul Delhi’s Final Concert

One would assume that accomplishing the rare feat of finding success in both the DIY and venue scene in Philly would be incentive to carry on as a band. But, on October 29th, the groove rock collective known as Seoul Delhi played its last show. Having only grown acquainted with the band for a few months before their wake at The Beaver Dam, I can’t speak to their evolution over the years, but I was still able to recognize that Seoul Delhi was something special. They were a band for musicians that the significant others of those musicians could enjoy, too. As much as Seoul Delhi’s brand of intelligent jazz fusion could have been compared to groove based acts like The Aristocrats or Snarky Puppy, Seoul Delhi incorporated perfect harmonies and precise vocals that gave them a larger appeal.

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Touring Bands Thrive at The Stoop



Touring is by no means an easy pursuit, and one can only imagine the difficulty of traveling from city to city, and then playing to a less-than-receptive crowd. Such was the case when Boston’s Jack Romanov played a Philadelphia venue last winter. Since that point, the band has found acceptance thanks in a large part to The Stoop crew. Performances by Jack Romanov and New York’s Ghost Pressure at The Stoop last weekend not only solidified their following in the Philly music scene, but it also displayed that The Stoop has become a great location for out-of-town bands to gain exposure. Continue reading Touring Bands Thrive at The Stoop

Review: Jam Traffic – Self-Titled EP

The inevitability of most bands breaking up is an inherent element of any music scene, and it can be heartbreaking when a band you’ve come to respect decides to call it quits. Such was the case when Overfield broke up a year and a half ago. I’d played a handful of gigs with the band, watched them grow as musicians, and really felt that they had a promising future together. As I covered in a previous review, that wasn’t the case.

Jam Traffic’s self titled EP has caused me to reconsider my negative position on bands breaking up. The recent release by Jam Traffic shows that something great can come out of a band’s demise. Tony Nicosia, Tristan Jones, and Alphonse Campanese were all in Overfield, but Jam Traffic is by no means a retread of that band’s indie/alternative sound. Jam Traffic successfully establishes a new persona that is more polished and groove oriented than their previous endeavors; almost like the offspring of Phish, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Bravery.

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Concert Review: Flux Capacitor


Last Friday I was thoroughly entertained by Flux Capacitor’s concert at Boxcar Brewing Company. Earlier this year Flux Capacitor played Bonnaroo, so going into the concert, my expectations were extremely high. Flux Capacitor delivered. Continue reading Concert Review: Flux Capacitor

Review: Larry Nodder – U R

Larry Nodder’s latest offering is a great example of how recording in a studio can sharpen a band’s vision. The promise of Larry Nodder’s polished sound, as teased with the release of “Dr. Cox” earlier this year, is realized in full on this album.

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Review: Not Enough People Do Three​-​Ways: Vol. 1


Not Enough People Do Three Ways: Vol. 1” was released by The Art is Not Dead in August of this year, and features Science Club, Welter and Readership delivering their own interpretations of punk. Based on the quality of this album, I hope more people do three ways.

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Review: Doctor Ransom – Hook and Cross

On Doctor Ransom’s Facebook page, they proudly proclaim “Lehigh Valley garage rock. Playing Tunes Like it’s 1994!” It isn’t often that a band can so concisely describe their own music, but if their most recent single is any indication, the band knows their sound.

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