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Review: Stay Loud Delivers on Their Name on ‘The Basement’

Artist: Stay Loud
Album: The Basement – EP
Released: May 13, 2017
Genre: Pop Punk/Alternative

Perhaps it’s fitting that we, being Lehigh Valley Underground, are about to review an EP called “The Basement” by Northeast PA pop punks Stay Loud. After all, the #GoUnderground hashtag might suggest to some that we’ve dwelled in plenty of basements in our day.

Destined to escape their basement, however, is this four-piece alt-rock powerhouse, who stays true to their name with a high-energy, emotionally-charged effort.

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Magnificent Birds of Prey Let Us Know It’s OK to ‘Start Over’

Artist: Magnificent Birds of Prey
Song: Start Over
Released: Aug. 1, 2016
Genre: Alternative Rock

Philly’s Magnificent Birds of Prey soar on a mid-tempo ode to new beginnings with “Start Over,” using tight four-part vocal harmonies and percussion that is off-and-running from the jump to create a tender, yet powerful anthem.

Highlighted by the versatile Lyle Kelch Jr.’s vocal performance – which starts light and sweet, and builds up over four minutes to a commanding, gravely climax – “Start Over” gives us permission to wipe away the fear associated with leaving our pain behind, and encourages us to re-create our pathway to becoming who we need to be.

Check out the four-piece’s latest effort on their SoundCloud page!

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