Artist Q&A: Jeremiah Tall

Photo credit: Jessica Pohl

Roots rocker Jeremiah Tall will come to Bethlehem next Friday, April 28 as part of the 2017 Southside Arts & Music Festival, presented by ArtsQuest. The Bucks County native will perform at 7 p.m. at the Touchstone Theatre, and will include selections from his 2015 release, “Where the Lore Began.”

Jeremiah took some time out to answer our questions. Check it out below, and don’t forget to see him perform next Friday!

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Review: Elwood James Band – Forgetting the Sound EP

Artist: Elwood James Band
Album: Forgetting the Sound EP (LISTEN)
Released: Nov. 16, 2015
Genre: Rock ‘n Roll/Blues

Elwood James Band comes to us from nearby Bucks County with “Forgetting the Sound,” a five-track EP that showcases a little bit of everything the band does best.

Whether you’re a fan of blues or rock and roll, there’s something for you here. The opening track – and album’s namesake – kicks things off with crisp harmonies and a British Invasion vibe, which are married together with modern pop rock sensibilities. Another straightforward rocker, the mid-tempo “Soulful Look,” is driven forth by keys and crisp vocal harmonies.

As mentioned, Elwood James Band isn’t afraid to get bluesy on “Forgetting the Sound.” “Riding the Storm” features a rhythm section that slightly resembles Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold,” while being driven forward by down and dirty guitars and a striking keyboard melody. Album closer “Black Cherry” also features drums and bass that set a bluesy tone, before becoming more progressive with an intense instrumental break about halfway through the tune.

With “Forgetting the Sound,” Elwood James Band has a collection of songs that has the potential to appeal to our Valley’s masses. For sure, these tracks would hold up well alongside SteelStacks’ usual Saturday night lineup.

Track listing:
Forgetting the Sound
Riding the Storm
Soulful Look
Black Cherry