Creators: Define Success First

tuk0005 copyRecently, I had the good fortune to speak to a room full of young, aspiring entrepreneurs about my professional journey. I hoped to draw some parallels for them to follow, to the extent that those parallels could aid them.

The first part of the session was a 60 minute prepared talk about the initial hurdles that young startups face from a legal standpoint. Following the discussion, there was a question and answer segment, and I was asked the following question by the host:

“How long did it take you to achieve your success?”

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Living ‘Life on the High Wire’

As creatives and entrepreneurs, the reality we face is one of myriad challenges. Achieving our goals is no simple task, as each day is its own puzzle that we must solve in order to keep pressing ahead on our respective missions.

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Creative Confidential Offers Words of Wisdom for 2017

If you’ve hung around Lehigh Valley Underground long enough, you’re certainly familiar with our good friend Bryan Tuk. Bryan is the musician, social entrepreneur, and attorney behind Allentown JazzFest and the TLO Live webinar series.

Bryan also hosts Creative Confidential, a podcast for the arts which just wrapped up its first year in 2016. A few days ago, Bryan released a special episode, during which he offered some closing remarks from the old year, and some words to live by — especially if you’re a creative professional — about building your future, and time, and life.

With the New Year a popular time for self-reflection and hope for what’s ahead, we provide you, People of the Underground, with some wise words from someone fighting many of the same battles that we are, every single day. Enjoy!

Sunday Thought Series: Are You a Creator?

It’s hard to be a creator.

Signing up for this life is signing up, at times, for loneliness. There will be people – even some who love you – who just don’t get why you spend your free time chasing something great.

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