Review: Pianist Dan DeChellis Provides ‘Snapshots in Time’

Artist: Dan DeChellis
Album: Snapshots in Time: A Collection of Songs 2007-2017
Released: December 14, 2017
Genre: Piano/Jazz/Instrumental

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Tonight: A Never-Before-Seen (or heard) Night at The Originals Music Series

Our friends at The Originals Music Series are mixing things up this evening inside of Chicago Restaurant’s Club Gravity, bringing two bands to the stage who are Originals first-timers.

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Review: The Dark Matter Trio – The Puzzle With No Pieces

Artist: The Dark Matter Trio
Album: The Puzzle With No Pieces (LISTEN)
Released: September 2015
Genre: Fusion

It’s hard to nail The Dark Matter Trio down to a particular genre. The improvisation and rhythm of jazz is ever-present on the Harrisburg-based instrumental outfit’s latest release, “The Puzzle with No Pieces,” but there are heavy progressive rock and jam influences also at play.

Perhaps it is this unexpected, yet seamless meshing of styles that makes “The Puzzle with No Pieces” so interesting. You never quite know where the record is going, causing you to keep your ears tuned in and your mind at work. The band often visits several different ideas as movements in a single song. Take the triple-named Brenda Lea/Myrtle Likes to Swing/All Hallows Eve for example, which starts as an acoustic rocker with a bass and guitar double melody before heading into a folk/bluegrass movement.

Another example of the band’s versatility is the nine-minute closing title track. This jazz-inspired tune progresses gradually into a headbanging rock outro to conclude the listening journey.

In the end, The Dark Matter Trio has chosen an appropriate name for “The Puzzle with No Pieces.” Each of these ten tracks takes on a different shape in the form of varying soundscapes. Yet, it is these individual parts that comprise a complete work of art.

Track listing:
7 4 2
Sketchbook of a Melancholy Fisherman
Not About Time
Funny Little Bird
Big Red Truck
Brenda Lea / Myrtle Likes to Swing / All Hallows Eve
Slow Motion Fight Scene
The Puzzle With No Pieces

VIDEO: Shawn Cav Ensemble’s ‘Glass Houses’ EP Release Party

Last night, jazz fans and supporters of original music braved the rain to make the trip to The California Drum Shop in Bethlehem, where Shawn Cav Ensemble was celebrating the release of its new EP, “Glass Houses.” (Review here)

The jazz fusion quartet, supported by an opening set from local piano master Dan DeChellis, played selections from the new release, as well as a few standards. Musicianship was on full display as the band sounded crisp and in rhythm, with improv-based solos highlighting each tune.

In case you missed it, here’s a video taken of the band playing “Looking Busy” off of the new EP. We suggest that you get busy and pick up “Glass Houses” today.

Review: Shawn Cav Ensemble – Glass Houses

Artist: Shawn Cav Ensemble
Album: Glass Houses (Pre-order)
Release Date: Jul. 30, 2016
Genre: Jazz Fusion

On July 30, break out your good headphones and listen to everything happening on Shawn Cav Ensemble’s “Glass Houses.” The eclectic Easton quartet showcases its musicianship and improvisational abilities to speak volumes without saying a word.

The band displays its ability to move between ideas – and even genres – on the new release. A perfect example is opening track, “Four Years in a Box,” which is underscored by groovy rhythms and a tradeoff between Steve Collins’ guitar and Matt Truscott’s tenor sax that walks a tightrope between jazz and rock.

Another highlight is “Faces,” a funk-fueled track with a hooky bass line where Collins and Truscott both take turns speaking lyrically through their instruments. In contrast, title track “Glass Houses” is mellow in a way that ties the effort together, revolving around Shawn Cav’s bass to build a climax and achieve the EP’s resolution.

Track listing
Four Years in a Box
New Beginnings
Roll Call
Looking Busy
Glass Houses

Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week: Mar. 21-27

We’re totally pumped to check that place out!

While we endure winter’s last breath, we gear up for a spring full of great music and possibilities. This week, we even cross the Delaware back to my home state of New Jersey. Let’s get it started! Here are the…

Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week!

Thurs., Mar. 24 | 7 p.m.
The Originals Music Series
Venue: Chicago Restaurant, 1179 Airport Road, Allentown, PA
Admission: FREE
Description: Blazing instrumentals are the focus as The Fyre and Ice Show welcomes Aniqatia and Quadraplay to the Club Gravity stage.

Fri., Mar. 25 | 9 p.m.
KILLCODE with Autoerotica and Vegafuse
Venue: The Gin Mill & Grille, 1750 Main St., Northampton, PA
Admission: $8
Description: Get ready to rock! Local bands Autoerotica and Vegafuse are joined by the headlining New York-based hard rockers.

Sat., Mar. 26 | 6 p.m.
Sing, Bird of Prey; VoirVoir; and Handheld
Venue: Warhouse Collective, 224 Stockton St., Phillipsburg, NJ
Admission: $5
Description: The upstart venue hosts a trio of Lehigh Valley bands, fresh off of VoirVoir’s appearance at South by Southwest.