PHOTOS: #GoUnderground at Godfrey’s with Avi Wisnia and Cubbage

Saturday night marked the beginning of a partnership (outside of our usual First Friday fun) with the legendary Godfrey Daniels. To celebrate, we brought in two of the region’s most prolific and versatile jazz pop artists.

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#GoUnderground at Godfrey’s on Nov. 18

Lehigh Valley Underground is teaming with legendary South Bethlehem listening room Godfrey Daniels on #GoUnderground at Godfrey’s, a collaborative effort intended to shine the folk venue’s prestigious spotlight on many of our region’s rising stars.

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Avi Wisnia, Cubbage Bring Jazz Pop to Godfrey Daniels November 18.

Photo credit: Avi Wisnia on Facebook

Godfrey Daniels, the legendary folk venue on E. 4th St. in South Bethlehem, is about to be injected with the jazz pop stylings of two of the region’s top artists in the genre.

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Review: Alex Radus – Jewels & Tinware

Artist: Alex Radus
Album: Jewels & Tinware (LISTEN)
Released: 2014
Genre: Variable

Alex Radus is a versatile artist, capable of writing and playing across styles that range from modern jazz-pop to old-time country folksongs. He does this on his latest album, “Jewels & Tinware,” with an obvious knowledge of and respect for the history of modern music.

Most of “Jewels and Tinware” relies on expert guitar work to set the mood for each song. It is perhaps at is best and most beautifully intricate on “We Can’t Play Like Django,” an ode to the guitar superpowers of Django Rinehardt that features the stylings of featured artist Dave Cahill. Alex is no slouch, either – album closer “Disorganized Religion” is a fast-paced acoustic joyride that couples the artist’s smooth, multi-genre vocal punch with modern country rhythms.

Alex’s blues and jazz sensibilities are clear on “Jewels & Tinware,” with funky album opener “Genius” showcasing his vocal abilities right off the bat. A bit later on “Someday,” Alex slows things down while keeping things super-smooth in this romantic ode to anticipation.

Alex expands his horizons on “Jewels & Tinware,” and the chances he takes pay off. One example as the tastefully-done “Shoveling Stone,” an old-time country folksong right down to its lo-fi production, minimalist instrumentation and vocal harmonies. Also intriguing is the captivating story behind “Soldier of the Devil,” a rugged folk-country song that tells the tale of a World War II soldier who can’t turn back from his deeds.

If you appreciate versatility and a taste of history with your music, you’ll appreciate Alex Radus’ “Jewels & Tinware.” You’d be hard-pressed to argue that the album doesn’t contain a little something for everyone.

Track listing

  • Genius
  • We Can’t Play Like Django
  • I Haven’t Missed You
  • My Funny Valentine
  • Someday
  • Baptism Sketches
  • Never Get Lonely
  • I’m a Pistol
  • Soldier of the Devil
  • Law of Lonesome Hearts
  • Shoveling Stone
  • Disorganized Religion

The Quinn Spinn: Feb. 8, 2016

Jazz pop vocalist Brynn Stanley joins the show to talk about her debut album, “Hello, California!”

REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become (Opening theme)
Bison Sound – Sweet Tooth
The Mad Sugars – Matchmaker
Brynn Stanley – Finally Getting Over You
Brynn Stanley – Be My Summertime
Art Block – Borderline
Go Evolution – Make Me Proud
Memory Flowers – Life is Glorious