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August 2016: The Best Month Ever?

Well… that was quite a month!

It started with the story of how we wound up here in the first place. Then, we announced a Mega Powerful partnership with our pal Dustin Schoof. That was reason to party, so we followed it up with a ten-day celebration of the grandest musical tradition in our Valley. We covered artists from our region and beyond, and even had the chance to get in on the action, thanks to a special assist from our friends at the Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association and ArtsQuest.

The fun didn’t stop there. We hung out at an open jam featuring former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and a couple of the best and brightest young bands in our region. We enjoyed a diversified #SuperSaturday around our Valley that included a studio performance, a grand opening, and a night of hardcore. We reviewed albums, featured some great pieces from contributors, and had a wonderful time doing it all.

What did all of that mean for us? It meant shattering every meaningful record – Every. Single. Record. – when it comes to LVU’s site traffic. Here are a few of the milestones we reached this August.

  • Surpassed 50,000 all-time page views
  • Surpassed 10,000 all-time unique visitors
  • Surpassed 12,500 page views in a single month (previous record – 9,199)
  • Surpassed 2,300 unique visitors in a single month (previous record – 1,747)

The moral of the story is that Lehigh Valley Underground grew up this month, from a fledgling local music blog to a force to be reckoned with. Our platform has improved greatly over the past month, which bodes well for the many talented artists and music people on our local scene.

There’s no sense in stopping now. Tonight, we cap our amazing month at the Great Allentown Fair, supporting just a few of our favorite local artists as they compete to win WZZO’s 28th Annual Backyard Bands Competition.

So, that was August — a milestone month for LVU in every way. After all of that, only one question comes to mind…

How will we #GoUnderground to make September even better?


As you know from reading Lehigh Valley Underground, this year’s Musikfest was not my first rodeo. However, it was the first go-round for LVU at the nation’s largest free outdoor music festival, and we are beyond grateful that A) this thing happens in our backyard and B) we had the opportunity to take part.

We saw and heard some amazing musicians – some good friends of LVU, while others were completely new discoveries for us. We ate good food, we filled our mugs, and we even got to hang in the Sands Steel Stage pit and get some pretty cool photos of X Ambassadors. We got to see this entire community come together to celebrate music, summer, and the Lehigh Valley – and we were fortunate enough to join in.

So, with that, I personally want to thank a few people and organizations for making our first Musikfest as an organization one for the ages.

First, thank you to the team at ArtsQuest who, in addition to being SUPER supportive of LVU, take weeks out of their summer every year to ensure that you and I have a good time in downtown Bethlehem for 10 days. You all were the first folks I met when I came back to the Valley, and I look forward to working with you all for years to come.

Thank you to amazing teammates like Lisa, Ambrose and, of course, our fellow Mega Power Dustin Schoof for covering what I couldn’t. Next year, I promise that I won’t book any vacations before knowing the dates of Musikfest (not that I regret fulfilling my lifelong, bucket list dream of finally seeing my Cubs play at Wrigley Field, because that place is amazing and I WILL be going back – just not from Aug. 4-13, 2017).

Thank you to our partners at the Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association for the honor and privilege of introducing Another Day Dawns, Doubting Thoma$, The Cherrybombs, and Social Call at the Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase on Aug. 7. This night was easily a highlight of 2016 so far, both for LVU and for me personally. We can’t wait to work more with you to create opportunities, large and small, for everyone on the music scene.

Also, special thanks to Lisa and my wonderful girlfriend, Meg, for volunteering their time to LVU at the event and believing in this hare-brained scheme of mine.

Thank you to all of the musicians, who use their talents to make Musikfest and, as always, the Lehigh Valley’s music scene what it is. Without you, there would be no ‘Fest or LVU, and this place would be a lot less vibrant.

Finally, thank you, the readers, for making last week by far the most successful week in LVU history. We shattered records for page views and unique visitiors during our Musikfest coverage, and it’s because you all care so much about your music scene. We couldn’t do it without your support.

#ThanksMusikfest, for being you. See you in 2017!

Recapping the Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase

To me, Sunday’s incredible Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase at Musikfest’s Plaza Tropical reinforced a few things that I already knew:

  • Rock is alive and well in the Lehigh Valley.
  • Our area has a wealth of local talent.
  • The Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association is a pretty cool organization to work with.
  • Musikfest might be the best thing on the planet.

Personally, it was a blast to be on-hand for four great, local bands like Another Day Dawns, Doubting Thoma$, The Cherrybombs, and Social Call. All four bands rocked so hard and put on such a great show that, in all honestly, it’s hard to say which one was my favorite. It was an excellent night of rock across the board.

I also have to thank the GLVMA and, of course, ArtsQuest for the opportunity to introduce each of the bands and represent Lehigh Valley Underground at the event. It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of Musikfest in this way, and I look forward to working with both organizations again in the not-too-distant future.

Of course, since I was there all night, I couldn’t help but to bring my camera and get some photos. So, you get some bonus shots of the action!

Another Day Dawns

Doubting Thoma$

The Cherrybombs

Social Call

PHOTOS: The Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase, Sponsored by Lehigh Valley Underground

Last night, Musikfest was rocked by four local bands as part of the Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase, sponsored by Lehigh Valley Underground.

Local rockers Another Day Dawns, Doubting Thoma$, The Cherrybombs, and Social Call packed Musikfest’s Plaza Tropical tent with friends and fans all night long. The evening featured a mix of originals and covers, and was hosted onstage by LVU Founder Gerard Longo.

Here are some photos — more are coming with a full recap a bit later. Enjoy!

Musikfest Five-Point Preview: Day 3

I’ll start by saying this: You know where you need to be tonight.

Just in case you don’t, I’m here to tell you: You need to come to the Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase, sponsored by Lehigh Valley Underground.

Starting at 8 p.m., Another Day Dawns, Doubting Thoma$, The Cherrybombs, and Social Call will be at FLYLVIA Plaza Tropical. We’ll be there. Everyone will be there!

Including you. Yes, you.

Musikfest Five-Point Preview
Day 3 – Aug. 7, 2016

Fritz’s Polka Band | 12 p.m.
Wells Fargo Festplatz (North)
Description: Would it be Musikfest without polka? No. The answer is no.

Burning Bridget Cleary | 3 p.m.
Stage: Volksplatz (North)
Description: Sunday’s diverse offerings continue with the popular Celtic folk group.

Eric Mintel Quartet | 4 p.m.
Stage: Red Stag Pub Liederplatz (North)
Description: Jazz on a beautiful, lazy Sunday afternoon? Where do we sign up?

Belle-Skinner | 5 p.m.
Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz at Frank Banko Alehouse Cinemas (South)
Description: Keepin’ it indie from all the way in Albany!

The Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase, sponsored by Lehigh Valley Underground | 8 p.m.
FLYLVIA Plaza Tropical (North)
Description: We already told you, didn’t we?

There’s more where that came from! Check in with DustinSchoof.com every morning throughout Musikfest for a full free stage lineup!

The Quinn Spinn: Musikfest 2016 Preview Edition

Musikfest starts this weekend, and we’re popping in on our summer break to preview the action! Joining us is Ricardo Flores, President of the Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association, who talks to us about the organization’s mission, values, and the Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase, sponsored by Lehigh Valley Underground, happening Sunday, Aug. 7 from 8-11 p.m. at Musikfest’s Plaza Tropical stage.

Plus, we play music from artists who you’ll hear at the festival!

Track listing:
The Groove Merchants – John the Savage
Alex Radus – We Can’t Play Like Django
This Way to the Egress – Earworm
Doubting Thoma$ – Slate Clean
Voirvoir – I Wanna
Scott Marshall – Hope on the Cross