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Share Your Birthday Wishes for Lehigh Valley Underground

With Monday’s announcement of the Lehigh Valley Underground 2nd Birthday Spectacular at SteelStacks on January 19, we are in a celebratory mood as we prepare for this milestone with our community and some of the finest musicians from this side of the Mississippi.

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LVU Wants to Know: What Are You Looking Forward to This Fall?

Summer isn’t over yet — we still have the epic start to a new era of First Friday in South Bethlehem to kick off Labor Day weekend, after all. However, the temperatures are getting slightly cooler, the days are just a bit shorter, and it’s undeniable: summer is winding down.

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Pre-Order (and then wear) Your LVU Pride!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in an exciting time for Lehigh Valley Underground. We’ve been active participants on the scene for months now, both by hitting some Can’t-Miss Shows every week, and by partnering with great local organizations with the shared mission of creating more opportunities for the folks who make this music community what it is.

Surely, we wouldn’t have gotten this far without the support of the musicians, industry folks, and music fans who populate our region. We appreciate your support, and we just might have a new way for you to spread the word about the blog you’ve come to know and love.

Enter the new LVU t-shirt, which will feature artwork like this…


The guitar will be white, too, but you get the idea.

We have it on good authority that these babies are finished and on their way to us, courtesy of our good friends at The Handsome Prints in Slatington.

Naturally, we want to get them into your hands as soon as possible. That is why, now through Monday, August 1, you have a chance to be among the first to own a piece of LVU history when you pre-order your official Lehigh Valley Underground t-shirt.

Head over to our brand new BigCartel shop, reserve your t-shirt for a discounted rate, and we’ll get them in the mail on Monday! If you’re from the area, that means you’ll have your shirt in time for a popular annual event that happens around here. Proceeds will go toward keeping this LVU train a-rollin’ in the months and years ahead, which means you’ll be an even bigger part of the miracle going forward.

Thanks so much for your support — it’s huge, and means everything to us! We hope that you’ll continue to #GoUnderground.



Lehigh Valley Underground: A Helpful Artist’s Guide

If you’re reading this, you’re probably new here, and you might be wondering how this Lehigh Valley Underground thing works. Read on, and we will tell you how to get the most out of our great new indie music resource.

What is the mission of LVU?
We want to be your source for all things indie music, locally and beyond. We will present news, analysis and opinions that we hope will help artists in the Lehigh Valley and anywhere else make the most of the scene around them.

We want to do this while building community. We hope to connect artists here at home and beyond to help foster a strong, unified underground scene.

What can LVU do for you?
Many things! Let’s list them out, shall we?

  • Album reviews: Have a record you’ve recently released? Have one that’s been hanging out for a while, and you want to get it some extra love? Contact us, and we’d be happy to check out the fruit of your labor.
  • Q&As: Want to get up close and personal with the indie community? Have something to say about a recent release or an upcoming show? We’ll come up with some questions for you to answer, and we’ll post it on LVU.
  • Airplay: The Quinn Spinn, the official podcast of Lehigh Valley Underground, has featured hundreds of independent artists on worldwide broadcasts since 2013. The Quinn Spinn plays music from anywhere, focusing on artists here in eastern Pennsylvania and around the world. You can submit your music for airplay by following this link.
  • On-air interviews: It’s always interesting to have guests on The Quinn Spinn. Tell us why you want to be on the show (and which show), and we’ll work toward setting something up.
  • The Soapbox: We invite content from independent artists on the scene. If you have an opinion you would like to share, please submit your op-ed to us. If we plan on using it, we’ll be in touch, and you’ll be a published author (in addition to an awesome musician)!
  • Social shouts: Any time we’re getting ready to feature you on Lehigh Valley Underground, we’ll blast it out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so our visitors know to check it out. We’ll tag you, and we just ask that you share it with your fans to spread the word. It takes a scene to create a scene!
  • Connect with other artists: Whether here in the Valley or elsewhere, there are plenty of great indie artists who love hearing new music. Through all of our great content, we’ll connect you and make ours a more vibrant musical community.

Now that you’re ready to get started, all you have to do is head back to our website contact form or email lehighvalleyunderground@gmail.com. We look forward to building a scene with you!