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Beyond the Valley: Slumlord Radio’s Banana-Armed Looting Spree

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from our friends Slumlord Radio. Last summer, this band of Michiganders approached us with their album, “Too Pretty for Tijuana,” which we happily reviewed. We’ve kept an eye on each other ever since.

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Beyond the Valley: About That Ayoinmotion Guy You Heard Yesterday…

One of my favorite artists from The Quinn Spinn‘s previous run is New York-based hip hop artist Ayoinmotion. You may recognize that name, because you heard his song, “She’s Leaving” on yesterday’s episode.

I had the privilege of catching Ayo’s live show a couple years ago at Webster Hall, where he opened for Talib Kweli during the NY Loves J.Dilla Tribute Show. The man and his band can straight-up perform. They are among the most talented, engaging artists I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing live.

Ayo is also very globally-conscious. A native of Lagos, Nigeria, he also spent time Flint, Michigan before arriving to New York. In response to Flint’s recent water crisis, Ayoinmotion performed a benefit show a couple weeks ago, raising more than $500 for the children of Flint.

Below is a visual recap from Ayoinmotion’s Facebook page, which goes to show that indie artists can make a positive difference on the world they know.