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Houston and the Dirty Rats Turn Five This Friday

Phillipsburg-based punks Houston and the Dirty Rats have accomplished much in their five years. They’ve toured the country multiple times, and have developed their own brand of patented “Rat Rock” that has resonated with fans near and far.

This Friday, they’ll celebrate how far they’ve come — and how far they have to go!

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Beyond the Valley: Second Player Score Runs from ‘Liberty’s End’

Portland, OR-based pop punk trio Second Player Score has begun work on their forthcoming third album, “Glorified.” Earlier this week, they gave Facebook fans the first taste of the new record with a video for its first single, “Liberty’s End.”

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Review: Stay Loud Delivers on Their Name on ‘The Basement’

Artist: Stay Loud
Album: The Basement – EP
Released: May 13, 2017
Genre: Pop Punk/Alternative

Perhaps it’s fitting that we, being Lehigh Valley Underground, are about to review an EP called “The Basement” by Northeast PA pop punks Stay Loud. After all, the #GoUnderground hashtag might suggest to some that we’ve dwelled in plenty of basements in our day.

Destined to escape their basement, however, is this four-piece alt-rock powerhouse, who stays true to their name with a high-energy, emotionally-charged effort.

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Ninjapedia Band of the Week: The Plumcocks

Do you like watching a band that has so much energy that it makes you want to jump around, too? If you haven’t experienced The Plumcocks, then you are truly missing out!

These young men truly know how to bring the fun and excitement to the stage through their catchy lyrics, which range from talking about being broke, all the way to having too much caffeine (or maybe not enough). These are all things we can relate to, right? I have had the opportunity to see this band several times, and you can’t help but to smile, dance, and sing along to their lyrics every time they hit the stage.

The Plumcocks have been on a hiatus, but are excited to announce their comeback with a new album and new shows! I, for one, have been looking forward to their comeback, and I can’t wait to catch their first post-hiatus show!

That’s why The Plumcocks are my Ninjapedia Band of the Week!

18738317_853474438141113_2425409465034849545_oIt’s also fitting to mention that, this Tuesday, May 30 from 8-10 p.m., we will feature the world premiere of their latest song, “Run to Me,” on The Fyre and Ice Show. This song won’t officially be released to the general public until June 2, so if you want to be one of the first ones to hear it, then make sure you tune in to Neue Regel Radio this Tuesday night.

Check out The Plumcocks online and on Facebook, Twitter, and ReverbNation to keep up-to-date on the band’s happenings, including dates and new music.

Check out The Plumcocks’ video featuring a demo of their song, “18,” below!

Tonys and Tapas





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Above the Mendoza Hits a Home Run with ‘A Shoulder to Lean On, But Not a Crutch’

Artist: Above the Mendoza
Album: A Shoulder to Lean On, But Not a Crutch
Released: May 15, 2017
Genre: Pop punk

Our first encounter with Above the Mendoza was on Record Store Day at Spin Me Round, when they performed among a host of alternative and punk bands who brought high energy to the Jersey side of the Valley all afternoon and evening.

That energy continues on “A Shoulder to Lean On, But Not a Crutch” – 21 minutes of pop punk goodness from this rising Philly-area band.

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#WeekendRewind: Record Store Day at Spin Me Round

The place to be on the music scene on Saturday afternoon? The Phillipsburg Mall. That’s where Spin Me Round, the popular regional record store, is located, and where the store held its annual Record Store Day celebration.

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