IMG_5329Gerard Longo
Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Lehigh Valley Underground
Host, The Quinn Spinn

I’ve always had a love of music. It took a while for that to manifest itself, but it has always been present, from listening to my sister’s old New Kids on the Block cassette tapes when I was little until now.

I suppose the first true seed of this venture was planted way back in 2007 at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. My brother and I started the Dominic & The Quinn Radio Show. I, of course, was “The Quinn,” and our duo remained a dominant force on Moravian’s airwaves (WRMC) for four semesters before my brother’s graduation. I wasn’t done, however; I created an off-shoot show called The Quinn Spinn (yes, that second ‘n’ is intentional) that would remain on WRMC for the rest of my days as a Moravian student.

After graduating in 2010, my radio talents would lie dormant for a while. That was until one beautiful summer night in August 2013. I had the weekend free (for once), and I broke out some old episodes of D&Q and The Quinn Spinn to wind my evening down. It didn’t take long before I was hooked again, and I immediately started making plans to get back on the air in podcast form. This time, however, additional emphasis would be given to independent music – and the countless great artists who create it.

That incarnation of The Quinn Spinn lasted nearly two years before life changes – both welcome and unwelcome – caused me to take some time to re-think and re-charge. In those two years, I had the chance to network with and support indie musicians from all around the world, and have gained even more respect for what they do. The Quinn Spinn changed my life and has allowed me to see the world in a whole new light, and is largely responsible for where I am today, personally and professionally.

It also led me to launch Lehigh Valley Underground, which takes The Quinn Spinn’s focus on independent art and localizes it to a place I call home. Since January 2016, Lehigh Valley Underground has provided news, reviews, insight and more relevant content to advance the indie music landscape, here in the Valley and beyond.

I’m thrilled to be back “on the scene,” and I hope you find what we have to offer useful, informative and, most of all, enjoyable.


Doug Keller
LVU Philly Correspondent

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Passionate purveyor of all things weird, wild, and wonderful.

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Co-Host, The Fyre & Ice Show and Co-Founder of The Originals Music Series

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Singer and guitarist of alternative rock band, Go Evolution.

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